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RINWORKS™ ​​​CM Rig: a ​​​​​​​Computerized Imaging Rig

​Welcome to to the  RINWORKS CM Rig platform! This is an open-source software platform for a low-cost computerized imaging rig. The software controls hardware that is based on existing 3D printer designs. We have  built two working prototypes based on printers with widely different designs: a Printrbot Simple and a Rostok Max V2.

The software and hardware adaptation designs are available for download for users to adapt for their own needs - either educational or scientific.​

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The rig provides full programmatic camera position and lighting control over a small (1 cu. ft.) space, using the mechanics of a 3D printer for fine-grained control over camera position, and adding a digital microscope head instead of (or rather, in addition to) the extruder. With the digital microscope, programmable lighting and precise positioning of the 3D printer, the rig is able to capture video and multiple high-resolution images of objects. In one application, multiple images are stitched together to produce a ​large (10s, even 100s of Megapixel) image of the exhibit. The following picture shows key aspects of the system, here shown with the Rostok Max V2 printer.






​The "front end" to our rig is the Processing IDE. Users can write simple scripts to operate the rig and gain access to imagery and video feeds. The Rig Server in the architecture diagram is designed to eventually run as a separate process, though currently it is a set of Processing scripts . The server communicate via G codes to the printer;  the Fermata potocol to the Arduino board controlling the lights; and via a USB interface to the digital microscope camera head. We use Open Beam T-Slots and fixtures to create scaffolding for the lights.


 The first end-to-end stitching of a simple fern. This is a scaled-down version. The following crop gives a sense of the level of detail.



Fern image detail

ammonite-rostok-lights closeup.jpg
Closeup of the Rostok Max V2 based setup shown imaging a clump of fossilized ammonites. The digital microscope "head" (top center) is by Dino-light. It is suspended by a prototype contraption to the printer head (not shown, just above picture) of the Rostok. The LED lights are also under control of our software.

About Us

​The Rig Team

  • Sarang Joshi (UW Computer Science sophomore, Summer 2015)
  • Joseph Joy​