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Joseph Joy

Owner and manager of Rinworks, LLC. More about me here.

Kanchen Rajanna

Independent consultant. Advisor(interaction design).

Tara Joy

I'm Tara, a senior at Holy Names Academy. I love history and politics, interests that I feed through speech and debate, Junior State of America, and now, volunteering at Rinworks. My main focus is on researching the people, ideas, and events that have influenced history for the Alexandria project. Some of my less intellectual hobbies include rock climbing, watching true crime documentaries on Netflix, and searching for the best French fries in Seattle.

Sarang Joshi

Hey there! I'm Sarang Joshi, a student at the University of Washington (Seattle), majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Math. I'm primarily interested in computers, programming, computer engineering, systems programming, music, theater, reading, writing, poetry, political science, philanthropy, and really anything that makes me think for more than 5 seconds (which, not surprisingly, includes most things in the world).

For the summer of 2015, I'm interning at Rinworks and working on the Computerized Microscope Rig project (find out more here). On the side I'm continuing to work on various projects, and learning more about web and server-side development and computer vision. I like to spend my free time listening to NPR, playing badminton/tennis/basketball/soccer/anything under the beautiful Seattle evening sky, rereading the Harry Potter series and marveling at J.K. Rowling's ingenuity, or shouting avidly at my television set playing Halo:Reach.